Albinson Brochure Cover


8-page brochure of Jon Naar photographs illustrating designer Don Albinson's stacking chair designed for Knoll. Brochure designed by Massimo Vignelli and printed in Switzerland by Conzett and Huber through Chanticler Press in 1967. It is now a collector's item. Taken with a 35 mm Nikon F.

Albinson Brochure Montage

Getting the Picture

Single Albinson chair shot in profile. Published in Knoll Albinson brochure designed by Massimo Vignelli. 6x6 cm Format, taken with Hasselblad.


Architect Jaime Lopez Bermudez and his children playing in front of fountain at the Anthropology Museum in Mexico City in 1962. 6x7 cm format taken with Veriwide.

Barragan Fountain

Barragan Red

Bertoia in Studio

Harry Bertoia in Studio.


Black and white photo of British pavillion tower at British Empire Exhibition. Taken on 120 film with a Zeiss SuperIkonta.

Chase Manhattan Bank


Columbia Library Conference Room


A Black and white photo of the steps leading to Convent of El Carmen. Taken with a Nikon F on 35 mm film.

Architecture - Solar

Pioneer passive solar house designed by David Wright. Photo published in "Design for a Limited Planet" in 1977. Taken with Nikon FM on 35 mm camera.

Eye Window

Architectural Details

Eye window in Colonial church in Pueblo, Mexico. Black and white photo taken with Nikon F in 35 mm format.


A 1979 photo of Panch Mahal, a five-story, 16th century palace in Fatehpur Sikri.


Detail of steps at Panch Mahal, a five-story 16th century palace in Fatehpur Sikri, India. Color photo taken with a Nikon FM in 35 mm format.

Fatepur Stairs

Street Art

Iron fire escape on brick building in Trenton, NJ. Taken on a P&S Lumix in 2006.

Francesca Breuer Chair

Frei-Otto Exhibit

Architecture and Design

Exhibit designed by German architect Frei Otto, pioneer in tensile and membrane construction. Photo taken with a 6x7 cm Mamiya RZ in 1986.


Two women walking along a rainy street in Paris with blue pedestrian sign in foreground. Taken in 2009 wiht a DSLR Nikon D80.

Architecture and Design

Richly decorated interior by architect Byron Bell. Taken in 1984 with a Mamiya RZ in 6x7 cm format.

IBM 57th Street


Skyscraper building seen from rooftop across the street. Published as cover of IBM's "Think" magazine, September-October 1983. Color photo taken on a 35 mm Nikon FM.


Fa├žade of IBM Santa Teresa buildings with reflective windows.Taken in 1988 with a Nikon FM 35mm camera.

Architectural Details

Interior courtyard of the Palace of the Winds in Jaipur India. Taken with a 35 mm Leica M4 in 1979.

Architecture and Design

Glass table designed by Mies van der Rohe on marble floor in Seagram Building. Photographed for Mies/Knoll brochure in 1968. Taken with a 35 mm Nikon FM.


Portrait of Niels Diffrient sitting on one of chairs he designed with other chairs pictured. Shot with a 35 mm Nikon FM for cover of "Interiors" magazine, October 1979.

Architecture and Design

Pollock chairs in plaza in front of Seagram Building. Taken in 1970 with Mamiya RZ on 6x7 cm format.

Architecture and Design

NY downtown skyline from 30th floor of unfinished building with construction workers standing by Pollock chairs in 1968. Taken with 35mm Nikon FM.


Plastic kit for liner QE 2 shot for covers of ICI "Plastics Today" 34 German edition in 1968. Taken with a Calumet using 4x6" format.

Architectural Details

Black and white photo of a church in Mexico with black bird in foreground. Taken with a 35 mm Nikon F in 1962.

Ward Bennett - Living Room Dakota - BW.jpg

Ward Bennett- Dakota Living Room.